What is the use of bottles that are used up in cosmetics?

Release time:2019-05-11

1. For small jar-shaped bottles, you can choose a bottl […]

1. For small jar-shaped bottles, you can choose a bottle with exquisite bottle shape and regular shape to be washed and dried to make a travel bottle. For example, using an eye cream bottle to hold an aloe vera gel is convenient for carrying and texture.
2, Medium (about 50G), can also be equipped with hand cream, body milk dispensing.
3, Extra large bottles, especially glass bottles can be used to make storage boxes, small hairpins, small parts such as paper clips.
4, Some cosmetics counters engage in activities, empty bottles can be exchanged for small samples.
5, The one with a straw, the olive oil or the compound essential oils that you have prepared yourself, and drop it at any time to wipe your hands.
6, Long thin strips such as lotion bottles, washed and put on a small and exquisite plant, can also be used as a pen holder, because the cosmetic bottle design is more delicate, so it is better than the vase bought outside, if you don't like it The original color, DIY to buy some color wipe, is absolutely unique.
7, The used powder box, outside get some colored paper or satin package, the middle of the photo, you can either put the photo frame at home, you can also put a cosmetic mirror in your bag.