What is the difference between cosmetics and skin care products?

Release time:2018-10-13

1, skin care products and cosmetics are not the same, i […]

1, skin care products and cosmetics are not the same, in fact, skin care products are to protect the skin, is to care for a certain aspect of the skin, and cosmetics is temporarily covering the skin, only temporarily make the skin look better.

Skin care products are used to protect the skin. They are used to care for one aspect of the skin. It regulates the moisture, oil, and nutrition of the skin. It is like daily facial cleanser, water cream, mask, eye cream, essence, and There are lipsticks, as well as exfoliating creams, massage creams, and cleansing creams. The skin care product will then get better.

Cosmetics temporarily cover the skin, but they need to remove makeup, and too much use of cosmetics is not good for the skin. It is only temporary to make the skin look better, such as various powders (foundation, foundation cream, dry and wet powder), BB cream, cream is also a cosmetic, as well as makeup, such as mascara, eyeliner Eyeliner, eyebrow pencil eyebrow powder, blush, face powder, high-gloss shadow powder, eye shadow, lip makeup (lip lip gloss lip gloss lipstick).

2, cosmetics contain a lot of chemical ingredients, although medical will not reach the carcinogenic ingredients, but there is still some damage! Although there are many cosmetics such as minerals, if you do not remove makeup at night, you will not have professional makeup remover, and there will still be chemical residues on your skin that will hurt your skin!

Many skin care products are pure natural, even if they contain chemical ingredients, it is also a trace amount. No harm to the skin!