What are the anti-aging effects of skin care products?

Release time:2018-09-08

Skin aging is characterized by its universality, multi- […]

Skin aging is characterized by its universality, multi-factor, progressive, degenerative and endogenous. In the structure and physiological function of the skin, the thickness of the epidermis is mainly increased, and severe atrophy or hyperplasia can occur in different parts. Keratinocytes and melanocytes have a certain degree of nuclear heterosexuality.
Anti-aging principle:
The effects of anti-aging active substances include: scavenging free radicals; increasing the rate of cell proliferation; delaying the degradation rate of extracellular matrix, so anti-aging cosmetics need to choose an excellent skin care agent to supplement the skin with sufficient nutrients to achieve deep nutrition. At the same time, it is also necessary to slow the loss of moisture in the skin and protect the skin.
Efficient sun protection: Sunlight is an important cause of accelerated skin aging. Therefore, anti-sun and UV protection are essential products for anti-aging cosmetics.
Deep moisturizing: Although there are many factors that promote skin aging, the amount of moisture in the skin is the main factor in maintaining skin softness and elasticity and preventing aging.
Inhibition of protein intoxication and increased protein synthesis: The skin is composed of collagen and elastin. The state of the skin depends on the loss of protein and the ability of cells in the skin to synthesize proteins. Degradation of elastin and post-degradation denaturation will lead to the loss of elasticity, sagging, wrinkles and other aging symptoms. Therefore, delaying the degradation rate of elastin is also one of the principles of anti-aging cosmetic design.
Scavenging free radicals: It can be seen from the mechanism of skin aging that skin aging is associated with decreased antioxidant function and increased free radicals in the body. Therefore, scavenging free radicals has become a research hotspot for anti-aging cosmetics.