Tips for choosing cosmetics.

Release time:2018-09-14

For people who are sensitive to the skin, it is best no […]

For people who are sensitive to the skin, it is best not to choose a fragrance that is too fragrant.
Because most of the scented skin care products contain a variety of spices, the chemical composition is complex and easily cause allergies. It also contains alcohol and fruit acids, and alcohol and fruit acid are irritating to the skin, which is undoubtedly worse for sensitive skin. In general, allergic symptoms of sensitive skin vary from person to person, and their performance varies. Some people may have some itching when using skin lotion allergies, and some people may become red, swollen, stinging, stinging. Feeling, so as long as the skin feels wrong when you use it for the first time, you should stop using this skin care product, don't think it is a normal reaction and wait.
In the fall, people with sensitive skin should not only consider the function of moisturizing and repairing when changing skin care products. It is recommended that everyone choose according to their skin characteristics. When purchasing, it is best to use a product labeled "Used for sensitive skin" or "hypoallergenic" or "tested by dermatologist". Because autumn is a season that is prone to allergies, skin allergies can't be relied on only by skin care products. In the diet, you should control cold food, seafood and irritating substances, maintain adequate sleep and proper physical exercise to increase the body's resistance. Force and adaptability. If you have the conditions, you can go to the hospital to do allergen testing in order to take appropriate precautions.