The "safe season" of cosmetics.

Release time:2018-11-30

Allergies are caused by lack of water and uneven oil an […]

Allergies are caused by lack of water and uneven oil and water. You should adjust your skin care products in time for the season. If the skin care products can't replenish water and oil in time, you can imagine that you can't eat your face. Once the problem occurs, some people stop using cosmetics and cause skin malnutrition. Some people mistakenly use curative skin care products, which in turn increases the burden on the skin. Therefore, it is imperative to prepare some skin care products with mild formula, such as cold film, sensitive cream, cell lotion cream, etc., to calm the subcutaneous nerve and reduce the occurrence of allergies.
For people who are sensitive to skin, if you want to use new cosmetics, you should first do a skin test by applying the cosmetics you want to apply to the delicate skin on the inside of your wrist, leaving it for one night or two or three days to observe it. The reaction, if there is an abnormal reaction, such as inflammation, redness, rash, etc., you must avoid using the cosmetics.
If you suspect that allergies are caused by skin care products that are being used, then you should stop using the skin care products and try to use skin care products that you are already used to, or use skin care products that are allergic to skin.
In the aesthetics of the Orientals, it is good to see the skin that is blown out in the white, but this is often the most prone to allergic skin, so be careful when using cosmetics!