The role of make-up.

Release time:2018-09-29

1, the role of skin care beauty: makeup is to beautify […]

1, the role of skin care beauty: makeup is to beautify the face. For example, the use of nutritious cosmetics can make the skin smooth and beautiful; use the foundation cream to adjust the color of the skin; the eyebrows can change the shape of the eyebrows; the eyes can be soft and beautiful; the blush can make the face radiant and rosy.
2, the role of bodybuilding and fitness: makeup can not only Fu Yan beauty, but also protect the skin. For example, using sunscreen can protect the skin from the irritating and harmful effects of the sun; using massage cream can increase the elasticity of the skin, and the skin at the level can be aging; with the toner, the pores of the face can be contracted, smooth and delicate. It can be seen that health and beauty are dialectical unity.
3, the role of correction of defects: the use of makeup to compensate or correct facial defects is one of the important role of beauty makeup. Make-up can make the collapsed nose and nose, the long nose is short, the short nose is long; the eye shape can be corrected, the small eye is large, the hanging eye or the drooping eye is positive; the lipstick can make the thin lips plump and the thick lips thin The blurred lip shape becomes clear and so on.