OET raw materials for cosmetic bottles need to be improved in heat resistance

Release time:2019-10-12

The OET raw material of cosmetic bottles needs to be im […]

The OET raw material of cosmetic bottles needs to be improved in heat resistance. Firstly, the heat resistance of PET cosmetic bottles needs to be advanced. PET cosmetic bottles may be exposed to low temperatures when packaging many beverages, edible oils, etc., and how are the low temperature images? Under the PET bottle can have enough heat resistance, it is very important.

The heat resistance of the forward PET cosmetic bottles will greatly enhance the competitiveness. Secondly, the invariance of PET bottles, if the PET cosmetic bottles can be used in the long-standing and repeated dominance, or the link material is reliable and unchanged, it will make it more useful in the waste bottle market, and will be more affected. Support for the part and the ego.
In plastic bottle packaging, PET bottles are the most widely dominated, from edible oil to food, from pharmaceutical bottle packaging to cosmetic packaging, PET bottles are almost the same size. Cut, PET bottle packaging has a lot of unique advantages, can not be compared with other plastic bottles. However, PET bottles also have some problems that need to be improved. Only by improving these problems can they be guaranteed to be in the first place in the scale of plastic bottles, and they can also gain the upper hand in other packaging products such as glass bottles.
The shortcomings of PET bottles require the inexhaustible product refurbishment and improvement of PET raw materials.