Medicinal cosmetics.

Release time:2018-10-18

First of all, medicated cosmetics are not medicines, it […]

First of all, medicated cosmetics are not medicines, it is just a skin care product. The main role is to moisturize the skin, protect the skin, and also play some auxiliary treatment for certain skin diseases. Such as angelica beauty cream. The various nutrients such as protein and amino acid in Angelica have the effects of whitening the skin, improving skin health and slowing down skin aging. It can achieve the beauty purposes of treating chloasma and freckles. There are also preparations prepared with white peony and white peony to moisturize the skin and prevent rough and chapped skin.
However, when choosing a cosmetic cosmetic, it is necessary to prescribe the right medicine. The incidence of allergic reactions to medicated cosmetics is higher than that of general cosmetics because some chemical drugs are sensitizing drugs. Therefore, if skin itching, redness and other phenomena occur during use, you should immediately stop using it and go to the hospital for a dermatologist to check and treat.
In addition, there are many kinds of skin on the skin of any person. In general, these bacteria often not only have no adverse effects on the skin, but also can form a normal physiological cycle of the skin, and prevent other bacteria and Mold reproduction and invasion. If the commonly used medicinal cosmetics, on the one hand, the pathogenic bacteria will become resistant, on the other hand, while killing the pathogenic bacteria, it will also kill the common bacteria on the above skin, which will bring difficulties to the treatment of the disease, possibly There will also be new infections. Therefore, when the disease is cured, stop using the medicated cosmetics and do not use them for a long time.