How to quickly and effectively clean vacuum glass bottles?

Release time:2019-09-30

Cosmetic vacuum bottles are widely used in the field of […]

Cosmetic vacuum bottles are widely used in the field of cosmetics, but people who frequently come into contact with cosmetics find that vacuum bottles are difficult to clean. If the cleaning is not clean, some of the cosmetics remain in the bottles. After a long time, bacteria are easily grown and can no longer be used.

Some of the cosmetic bottles that people use nowadays use a vacuum bottle that can be squeezed. It can be pressed at the time of use, which is very convenient.
If the vacuum bottle of the cosmetic container is squeezed, then it is necessary to have a better choice of the material of the bottle. It should not be easily broken. It is better to choose the plastic material, it is not easy to break, and the pressure is to bear. It is also relatively strong. Generally speaking, the bottle containing cosmetics has a freely movable floor inside the bottle, and then slowly moves upwards during the use. When the contents of the bottle are almost exhausted, the tray will then be used. At a position closer to the top of the bottle.