How to keep cosmetics?

Release time:2018-12-08

When storing cosmetics, it is important to remember tha […]

When storing cosmetics, it is important to remember that there are “six fears” about cosmetics.
Fear of heat: It is not appropriate to store cosmetics in places where the temperature is too high. Because the high temperature will cause the separation of the cosmetic oil and water, the paste shrinks and causes deterioration.
Afraid of the sun: It is not appropriate to store cosmetics in the sun or in direct sunlight. Because the light will cause the moisture of the cosmetic to evaporate, some ingredients will lose their vitality and cause deterioration. Ultraviolet rays in the sun can also cause chemical changes in some substances in cosmetics, affecting the use effect, and even causing adverse reactions.
Fear of freezing: Cosmetics can be stored in the refrigerator's fresh-keeping refrigerator and cannot be stored in the freezer. In the cold season, it is not advisable to leave the cosmetics outdoors or carry them outdoors for a long time. Because the freezing will cause the cosmetics to freeze and crack, and after the thawing, the oil and water will separate and the texture will become thicker, which will stimulate the skin.
Fear of tide: Some cosmetics contain protein, which is prone to mildew after moisture. Some cosmetics use iron covers, which tend to rust and corrode cosmetics after damp, making cosmetics deteriorate.
For fear of long-term release: general cosmetics are valid for 1-2 years, and the period of storage after opening is shorter. Therefore, it is best to use up the cosmetics within the expiration date, and stop using them until they expire. No matter how good the cosmetics are, they will be carefully kept. If the shelf life is over, it will be worthless.
Afraid of pollution: After using the cosmetics, it is necessary to tighten the caps in time to prevent bacteria from invading and breeding. It is best to avoid direct use by hand, and use a clean cotton swab or other tools. If you take too much at one time, apply it to other parts of the body and do not put it back in the bottle.