Cosmetic glass bottle

Release time:2019-02-15

Glass bottles are traditional packaging products, which […]

Glass bottles are traditional packaging products, which are characterized by bright and transparent, good chemical stability, non-breathable and easy to form, but they are heavy and fragile. 80%-90% of glass packaging containers are glass bottles and cans. Soda-lime glass bottles are usually used in a density of 2.5-2.6 g/cm3, which is brittle and has low thermal conductivity. It can be made into emerald green, dark green, light cyan, amber glass with metal ion colorant.

Advantages of glass packaging container: (1) good chemical stability, non-toxic and tasteless, hygienic and clean, no adverse effect on packaging; (2) good barrier property, can provide good quality conditions; (3) good transparency, The contents are clearly visible; (4) the rigidity is good and the deformation is not easy; (5) the molding processability is good, and can be processed into various shapes; (6) the temperature tolerance is good, the temperature can be sterilized, and the storage can be low temperature; (7) ) It is rich in raw materials, can be recycled and reused, and has no pollution to the environment. Disadvantages of glass packaging containers; (1) large brittleness, easy to break; (2) heavy weight, high transportation costs; (3) high energy consumption during processing, serious environmental pollution; (4) poor printing performance.