Future cosmetics packaging pursuit of "green"

Release time:2016-08-04

The twice-yearly Guangdong International Beauty Salon Cosmetics Import & Export Expo (hereinafter referred to as “MeiBo”) ushered in the grand opening of the 39th session in this year's Golden Autumn. On September 15-17, the Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex Area B will continue to be the main venue of the US Fair, with 2,377 exhibitors and brands, exhibition space of more than 120,000 square meters, and exhibition content covering a complete industrial chain. A total of over 400,000 person visits were attended. In addition to its large scale, the current US Fair will set up the “Zamshang International Packaging Culture Festival” to allow exhibitors to experience the creative and environmentally friendly design of beauty products and explore the future trend of “green packaging”.

    "The United States Fair" First International Packaging Culture Festival

    Talking about the hot spots in the cosmetics industry in 2013, LVMH's fund's participation in Maru Mei is undoubtedly a major event that the industry has inspired. What are the reasons for creating a partnership between the two parties? The original answer lies in "packaging." The cooperation of the two parties originated from Marui's acceptance of LVMH's proposal for improvement of the packaging language, which ultimately led to a marriage between the two parties. At the same time, there is an undeniable fact that consumers will be more or less influenced by the style and quality of their packaging when choosing a beauty product. The importance of cosmetic packaging materials and design is evident. To make the products grow continuously and stand out in the market, we must carry out a full range of layouts from the design concept of products, the selection of packaging materials, the design of packaging boxes, and the design of showcases and spaces.

    In the industry, more and more attention has been paid to the promotion of brand packaging. At the same time, the Guangdong International Beauty Fair has carefully planned the theme activity of “Zhanshang International Packaging Culture Festival” at this exhibition. The main purpose of the event is to advocate creativity, green packaging design, and build a brand service platform. The founding of the event broke the exhibition's traditional product display model and provided enterprises with comprehensive solutions.

    The event was strongly supported by the “Khampaton” perfume brand. The brand's soul is based on product packaging language and packaging features. As a brand name supplier, “King Platinum” has always attached importance to product packaging design and continued to improve customer experience. During the event, the brand will elaborate on the trend of global creative package design and share the unique charm design and packaging culture of Champton. At the same time, the event also revolutionized the launch of the “Packaging Design Gallery” to select and showcase the award-winning packaging design cases at home and abroad.

    At the Personal Care Products Pavilion, "Appreciation Design Gallery" and "Fashion Gallery Gallery" attracted many companies to attend the exhibition. Yunwu, Jinsheng, Shuangli, Bolihai, Hengtong, Jingyi, Shengwei, Fuda, Deshan, Quanliang, Shaofeng, Aofa, Hankai, Weizhao, Beihao, Qingbi, Xinhua, Shengyuan , Astronautics, Astronautics, Shanggao, Comber, Parkson, Kelida and other packaging companies are committed to creating the perfect image for beauty products, while Sina, Sanhe, Sengxing, Ouhua, United, Aerospace, Jianuo, Soaring, Fu Mao, Bo Meike, and Beauchamp are focusing on the R&D and production of beauty products packaging material manufacturing equipment.

    Future cosmetics packaging must be luxurious, functional and environmentally friendly

    Today, the society pays attention to the packaging of green materials, the organizers invited in-line professionals to host related topics, including "creative creative design trends and create brand influence," "strategic elements of beauty product packaging," "how innovation brings brands "Charisma" and other hot topics of concern in the industry. How the beauty products rely on the packaging to meet the actual needs in the standout of similar products and how the balance between environmentally sustainable and economic costs meets the actual needs, has also attracted the attention and discussion of a large number of exhibitors, and solved many of the people in the beauty industry. doubt.

    The speech of “Women Cosmetic Packaging Future Trends—Sustainable Environmental Protection and Enhancing Product Protection” was undoubtedly the highlight of this packaging exhibition. After analysis and demonstration, she firmly stated: “Today's cosmetics are developing in the direction of natural, organic, and high-activity, with the goal of not causing environmental pollution and being more beneficial to the human body. The application of new technologies and new materials will enable cosmetics in the future. The package will be able to combine luxury, functionality and environmental protection.The vacuum bottle quality will be enhanced by anti-oxidation and non-pollution, while the new multi-layer material will provide excellent barrier solution.At the same time, the pump head technology Evolution has enabled all types of products (water, oil, milk, cream, and ointment) to be preserved under high vacuum protection.”

    In a speech titled "The Future Without Brand Identity - Designer Creativity Becomes a Trend of Consumption Hotspots," Huang Weijie, a director of Hui Cai Capital (International) Holdings Limited, explained how he understood how packaging can help create a product brand image: “In the era of the proliferation of brands, creativity, vision, space, culture, content, and concepts are important tools for developing the Blue Ocean. From deconstructing the retail giants to analyzing the trends of designer brands, analyzing how to create more unique tastes, and higher A new generation of cost-effective brand."

    Li Meimei, director of creative division of Champton, shared with him the design experience of Champton: “We strive to make every person who uses perfume enhance their own charm and distribute natural and unique temperament.” By interpreting the global creative design of perfume The trend, and share the unique charm design of Champton, she told us through the experience of Champton brand how to create fashion and luxury through creative design.

    In the speech entitled “Green Beauty from China and the West,” Xiao Yu, project manager of MCL Fashion Consultation Branch of Xiaoqiao Shanghai, France, evaluated and analyzed the natural green beauty skin care products of China and the West through the case of France’s Eve Lixue and China Herborist. The brand's characteristics and commonalities. He believes that the "new face" of the beauty skin care industry has been flocking to the terminal retail image and product packaging. The "green" will be the general trend.

    Spain's Batlle Design Group's business expansion of Eddy Loka is through many years of professional experience to the major beauty manufacturers explain: brand manufacturers focus on what is the creation of the brand? Why do you want to build a brand? What is the brand business to convey when selling cosmetics? "Brands must treat brand creation as an investment, not an expense."